The Girl I am

The Girl I am

Ralph Lauren wrap cardigan
$1,060 –

Adidas black tank top
£28 –

Juicy couture
$141 –

Tory Burch mid heel pumps
£220 –

Kate Spade shoulder handbag
$298 –

Kendra Scott gold plated earrings
$60 –

Kate Spade animal sunglasses
$128 –

Naturally Punctual Clock
$40 –


4 thoughts on “The Girl I am

  1. Omg me too!!! Except I don’t wear enough flats. Well, I don’t wear any flats. I think I own one pair. Perhaps this would be a good venture for my stolen .1s…playing with flats…

  2. I have only recently started wearing flats and its still pretty rare, EXCEPT that I bought a pair of Tory Burch flats after some victory/achieved goal and think they are adorable. My come to Moses moment came when I had a super swollen ankle after walking back from dinner every night during a conference in NOLA. Unfortunately, all of my suits require heels.

  3. I’m so flattered, Kendra! I love your use of precious metals and semi-precious stones. Fashion forward, but not something I will find in my jewelry box a couple of years from now and wonder why I didn’t invest in real jewelry (see most of the jewelry bought by me in my mid-20s). Beautiful color!

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