Good Days

Today was a good day.  My amazing wife had a bottle of one of my most favorite champagnes chilling in the fridge.

L'Instant Taittinger Champagne; Grace Kelly, Giclee Art Print  Not only delicious, but epitomized by the amazing Grace Kelly.   Some days I struggle for life outside of law.  But on my good days, I think it’s important to celebrate my life in law.  So sipping my champagne, I emailed my bosses, double checked some facts, chatted with my bosses, and recounted every instant to my amazing B.  Despite the fact that I was super nervous and that my ankle has become a science project for my ortho, today rocked BECAUSE of law.  (And maybe because the end of Season 3 of Friday Night Lights rules almost as much as my two audio books).


L’chaim!  Some posts about the best parts of today, coming up.  Also planning some exciting LOL events this weekend – like hiking, planting, decorating, and learning to love laundry!!




2 thoughts on “Good Days

  1. LOVE the poster. Something else non-law related you could do this weekend: call me! It’d be the best gift ever! Hope you relax in all those simple things and really find both joy and peace there.

  2. Now I’m going to have to listen to Yo-Yo Ma’s Simple Gifts (which you would love, my fellow cello freak). Instead of trying to imagine myself having 3 free hours, I’m going to call you from the grocery store to ask your thoughts about thanksgiving food. Look out, I might have a bone scan next week, which will have me trapped for hours.

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