Suits for Work

Suits for Work

Marni scoop neck dress
$1,850 –

Burberry suit
$1,195 –

John galliano

Chanel suit

Christian dior

Hermès wool suit

Vivienne Westwood suit
£615 –

Tweed suit
$80 –

$80 –

AK Anne klein
$60 –


2 thoughts on “Suits for Work

  1. Of course the two suits I like [love] the most are the two most unique. Can you guess which those might be? I’ll narrow it down by saying I also like the vintage Grace Kelly looking one with the fur collar. I have one like that, though a less traditional color, only it has a scooping neckline because I seriously can’t do anything at throat level. Not with my girls!

  2. Red Chanel and Green Hermes, MM? I almost thought the black asymmetrical, which might be a challenge for me because I hate being buttoned up in a suit all day (but love the look anyway), but the neckline would be a serious challenge. Seriously, the red Chanel inspired this post. Suits are a requirement for my job, but I would love some suits that while still in the conservative suit model, are truly unique. Time to start saving my pennies and losing some pounds for the Chanel!

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