Mad Men

I’m in a hotel in the midwest.  It’s the night before a trial.  Everything is hopefully ready and I am watching the mad men premier.   I’m basically terrified, so I’m distracting myself with a cupcake and Mad Men.

Sadly my cupcake is from Jilly’s and not Chanel.  😦

Here are my thoughts:

(1.)  Boring start.  Although I’m happy to see Sally Draper is back.

(2.) Mrs. Draper’s (name?  don’t care – Megan – Thanks, Trudie!!) ruffled polka dotted blouse and Peggy’s black and white striped top are fabulous.

(3.) Joan is awesome.

(4.)  Peggy could be a woman in any profession today.   It’s kind of amazing how brave she is and how little has changed.  Personally, I LOVED the bean ballet, Pegs.

I am really feeling Peggy as a fashion influence this year (Until I go red this summer and then its ALL Joan).

Or maybe not.  Decisions are the worst.

(5.) Still boring, although the Draper party is getting interesting.

(6.) I’m very concerned about Trudie and Pete Campbell.  Another sign that suburbs kill.  I should probably fix up the house and move the family back to the city where it’s safe.

(7.) WHERE IS BETTY (DRAPER) FRANCIS???  Did the Kennedys have her killed?  Or is she hiding out with Sally?

(8.)  Megan’s Song.  NO words (is it on iTunes yet?)  But I’m feeling kind of sad for Megan because she should clearly look sassier than she does.  Maybe should have saved this for private time?  This marriage is a train wreck.  I have a feeling Mrs. Draper #3 (really 4) is coming soon.

(9.)  Who is this evil hag in Joan’s life?  Her Mom or Mother-in-Law?  Pack up the baby and go back to work Joan.

(10.)  Is Don happy at work or at home?  He looks like he’s ready to bolt.

Well that was hour #1.  I need to primp a little and get ready for sleep.  Enjoy hour #2.  And go to AMC and Mad Men yourself!!  Super fun!!

See you next Sunday, unless I get sidetracked by Goodwife or Once!!


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