Exotic Locales

Night TWO in the midwestern hotel. Ok, it’s a nice hotel and despite my fab dinner that I am about to describe, I’m thinking about ordering an oreo sundae and a coke (two things I should NOT have after last night’s cupcake and two more days of suits, hose, and all things elongating.

Who can resist TGi Fridays?

Apparently plenty of people because I cannot find a picture of the oreo madness.  But I did find this:

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 serving

Calories from Fat 117

Calories 520

% Daily Values*

Total Fat 13g 20%

Saturated Fat 7g 35%

Trans Fat 0g –> YAY!!

Cholesterol 5mg 2%

Sodium 360mg 15%

Total Carbohydrate 97g 32% –> ??? 1/3 of my carbs??

Dietary Fiber 3g 12% –> FIBER!!

Sugars 45g

Protein 7g

Vitamin A –

Vitamin C – ??

Calcium –

Iron –

I don’t actually find this to be a deal breaker.  I had a Luna bar for breakfast and a grilled cheese and diet coke in least Retro Fab diner I have seen in ages.  But I ALSO had Indian (Samosas, chicken tikka, and garlic naan, along with 1/2 of an Indian Beer) for dinner. 

In a town of 45,000.  And it was GOOOD Indian.  Like stop and take home smelly to go on the way out of town good.  God Bless Corporate headquarters in the Midwest. 

Now.  Will American Heiress read better with an Oreo Madness?  It could be a great incentive to walk the river front and write an argument at 5 am……


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