I’m a bit under the weather today with a stomach bug that started yesterday morning, but I attributed to the delicious Negroni and rich dinner I enjoyed on Monday night after finally finishing an epic project.   In fact, I was a total pill most of Tuesday because I felt super icky.

I was wrong.  Like a good girl, I went to the gym Tuesday night and had a long, slow workout designed to cleanse my body and give it energy.  And an hour later, felt awful and I went to sleep and woke up with this icky stomach/headache/fever bug.  I slept a bunch, then worked a bunch from home, slept more, had chicken soup, read, reviewed some research for a paper, and, that’s right, I didn’t shop.

I’m on a freeze until May 1 and maybe May 15 or even June 1, depending on things.   Meals out are governed by their own budgets, but otherwise nothing that I do not absolutely need as confirmed by my conscience and B.

I kind of freaked out yesterday when I forgot about the freeze when I downloaded a show for the gym without thinking.  But after some reflection, I decided to add iTunes videos (and only videos – sorry music)  to my lunch/coffee budget because the $1.99 that I spend for an episode of Project Runway is the cheapest and best incentive to workout for an hour.  SO worth giving up a latte or two.

For the first two days, it was super, super hard.  It was hard not checking one of he 25 different sample sale/boutique emails I get a day.  It was hard not checking my wishlists at various stores to see if anything I want is on sale.  It was murder not ordering new pants when they were basically free at Nordstrom.  But now it’s not so hard.

Maybe because B and I did a special LifeOutsideOfLaw vintage flea market shop (several posts when I feel better) with vintage jewelry to make and wear all for $100.  Maybe because simple DIY projects and gardening seem fun.  Maybe because I have so much STUFF I’m starting a selling challenge soon.  The fun projects abound!!

And maybe because one of my besties did this for lent (the same person who inspired this blog project in the first place) and gave me a great pep talk Monday night.

And maybe not so hard because I can buy these:

Jimmy Choo 'Baxen' Peep Toe Wedge

with the money I save after the freeze.  That’s right.  The world’s greatest B has signed off on new Choos if I save for them.  But do I want them?  Or instead want 10 shares of Coca-Cola and the fab new Nars “Funny Face” lipstick I am jazzed about.

                                                                           Click to visit the original post

Or maybe I can save money for more than a month and put it towards some home improvement or investment that would really excite me.  In fact, I am kind of thinking about prepping and repainting my bathroom one three day weekend if I ever get well and into a routine.  

                                                                                                Bathroom Vintage Tile 

This corner is almost identical to my vanity/closet, except the cool vintage floor tile is gone and the porcelain, impossible to remove, wall tile is aqua.  Oy.  Maybe these as points of inspiration: 

vintage bathroomCompletely Vintage Bathroomteal tiled bathroom wall

So the freeze started as a necessary way for me to watch all the little iTunes downloads, bracelet orders, amazon picks, etc., etc.  But has become a way for me to become inspired about money and what I can do with it in a very purposeful way.  Even if it’s shoes (thanks for being triple awesome B).  Double Yay! 

Up soon – spring cleaning with eBay, Amazon, and Yardsales.


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