New favorite lipstick

I have been thinking and thinking about this lipstick all day. I’m definitely adding it to my May shopping list.

Raining Sequins

I have a new favorite lipstick. It’s NARS Semi Matte in Funny Face. Here’s a picture of the product on the NARS website:

it’s a gorgeous shade of hot pink with a slight blue undertone – not super red. It’s hard for me to find bright lipstick that doesn’t look weird due to my freakishly pale complexion, but this one is perfect. I think it would be perfect for any skin tone, honestly.

I bought it on an absolute whim, which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do but it was just so pretty! Anyway, it’s longer-lasting than any other lipstick I’ve owned in my life. It made it through an entire cup of coffee AND an entire glass of water. It only started to rub off when I ate a salad and drank a huge tea out of a cup with a straw. It’s not disgustingly drying, but…

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