I come from a VERY musical family.  Sometimes I call them the “Von Trapp Family Singers” in my head.

The Sound of Music Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer 1964 Twentieth Century Fox

But except for a passable (in a choir.  with lots of practice) alto, I have no musical talents.  I LONG (in that passionate way that generally means I’m very excited about the idea but plan on doing nothing about it) to play piano.  (ALTHOUGH, a former HS classmate’s Mom is a piano teacher, so maybe I will).

The Pianist

Instead, my skills tend to lie in visual and tactile areas.  To grossly generalize,  I look as “work” and I hear as “emotion.”  Which makes me a freak of a music fan.

I generally like most to all music.  I like it live, I like it in the car, I like it in the gym, etc, etc.  But I tend to have a group of ladies who I go to again and again for all kinds of feelings.  These are a few I love.

Amy Winehouse

                                                                         Amy Winehouse


                                                           Florence (of +the Machine)

                                                                Lily Allen

Fear not, all my ladies are not Brits!!

                                                              Kelly Clarkson

I don’t think a female attorney can survive without her.


 Or Pink


But these are my most lasting loves and my go to music ladies


                                                       INDIGO GIRLS

                                                BARBRA STREISAND

                                                    ELLA FITZGERALD

                                                                   JONI MITCHELL

What about you?  Who keeps you going?


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