While I’m waiting for my new laptop, check it out. Love this lobby card and campy Barbie!


How can we forget when poor little, dainty and feminine Tippi Hendren gets worked by those darn “Birds” in one of Hitchcock’s  finest train wreck. Miss Tippi just didn’t know what hit her. She just wanted to get the hell out of  “Bodega Bay“. Can’t say any of us could blame her. After all, one doesn’t go on vacation by the sea to turn around and become a human sushi for a bunch of buzzards. Enj0y. I’ve thrown together some lovely pics of that darling little 60’s green suit she got mauled in. It definitely didn’t need the “bloody” red highlights but it was entertaining.

Here’s that bitch Barbie posing in that iconic outfit poor little Tippi suffered in  at the mercy of those vultures. And to think it was marketed for Sale just so to make someone gain from her pain. Oh well, money is money ….!

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