Run on the Runway

Hi Kids (or Hi 1.2 people who read my blog).  I have been remiss in my blogging lately because (1) I had a petite health scare and (2) my laptop died.  But I have lots to report and show so expect more than a few blog entries over the next few days.  I have been at the gym, and on the treadmill, doing Kinect Just Dance 3, and taking the stairs and parking on the 8th floor a lot lately because I simply have to take control of my diet and health.

Doing it three days a week is manageable.  Doing it 6 with some  moving on the 7th is a pain. Like an exhausting, I feel like throwing a fit, why is this happening to me, the world sucks pain.  Especially after work and before dinner.  (why can’t I workout and work at the same time).   Some days I need gym-bribery.

I need beauty and excitement and FASHION.  On those days, I watch project runway episodes on my phone while on the elliptical.

I started DLing episodes from the All Stars episodes because I lovelovelove Mondo… (and think he got ripped off bc MK has a sportswear bias).


Mondo Guerra's design for …

I just think this look is sick.  Bring the pockets in and it would be a stellar work look even in a kind of conservative office.  His entire collection, his entire body of work makes me move faster and think that I am doing this because I want to, because I LOVE fashion and its STUPID that I cannot enjoy it due to my weight. (Although MK’s sportswear pal RL does a nice job making it easier.)

and I heart Austin Scarlett, of course….

This dress is another total life-changing incentive.  GORG.

and I like Rami, Michael, Anthony and the rest (but none of them are my all time favorite, Mr. Christian Siriano).

Talk about being on trend for Spring 2012.

But what works so perfectly is that it’s a 44 minute show and within about 7 minutes, challenge is on and by 30 the clothes hit the runway.   Like a great playlist, the episode warms me up, gets me going, and when the workout gets hard, the drama and excitement of the runway gets going.

And then I am cooling down while considering whether I agree with the judging.  I always agree with Nina (except for her wrongness about Rami and Mondo).  But I have a mental chat with Joanna Coles and realize I am right.

And then comes my fave of all faves (sorry MK, but I loved him first) Isaac Mizrahi.

Isaac Mizrahi

Okay, maybe you had to be a fashionista in the 90s to get that Isaac = 1000x more than Target (which I love, except I hate their shoes (SAVE YOUR $$$)).   He’s a nicer and I think more helpful judge than MK in terms of doing better work.  I worship MK and wear his clothes and accessories, so really its more of a mango versus key lime kind of thing.  Anyway.  the energy is amazing and exciting and all of that drama = great inducement to stay on the d@mn Precor for 50-60 minutes.

I will gush a second more because this is the spectacular Linda E. in Mizrahi 1996.  Lovelovelove.

And who could resist the delish Unzipped (which was kind of like Project Runway without MK, Nina, and Heidi, who was probably modeling Juniors in Germany).   I adore the show even without the Mizrahi because it reminds me of when I fell in love with fashion in the early 90s and reminds me to be creative, bold, and that frankly I need to pull myself into fighting form to do just that.

Ladies (and girls), if you missed Bazaar, Vogue, and Elle (um, Marie Claire was for tweens) in the 1990s get on eBay and educate!


If only Tom Ford would come and play on the Runway.  I might be able to train for a marathon….

Check it out.  Only $2 an episode from iTunes, on your phone, and at the gym for those days when you I say I can’t.

You can.


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