May Sucks

I’m going to interrupt the normally scheduled programming to announce that May sucks.  You can take your pretty weather and flowers and keep them.  I’ll take two Octobers instead.  My Mom died 8 years ago this week and for the first many years, I coped through work.  But now I am seeing how many ways in which work coping has held me back, made me complacent, or made me grateful for a littlebitnotenough.  So while I will celebrate my Mom with gerbera daisies this weekend, its time to push it on other fronts.  

Next week I will:

(1) Finally take that Wednesday night Zumba class:


(2) Catch some Sunday yoga with Jax (need mat!)


(3).  Make and post my exciting new Salmon recipe! 

(4). Clean and reorganize my study and kitchen

(5) Go hiking with B!

(6) Design some more bracelets

(7) List some of my too much stuff on eBay


(8) Let the Summer Shopping Freeze BEGIN!



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