Norma Rae Moment

I need a Norma Rae moment.  It was 5:53 p.m. and I was sitting at my desk, staring at a report that was I had spent the better of the day writing and suddenly started pulling the acrylic off my nails (I cover them with acrylic to make them stronger).  The day had been fine, good even, but I just felt off.  My nails hurt.  I finished up, tidied my office, came home, painted my nails with about 16 coats of Esse polish and top coat while watching the season finale of Gossip Girl and wondering what the hell was wrong with me!  45 minutes later, B comes home with my favorite Asian chicken salad from Sweet Tomatoes and it hits me.

I need one of those victory against all odds, battle between good and dark, powerful movies that make me want to stand on a chair, hold up a sign and shout “UNION.” (or whatever I feel passionately.  I needed to invoke a Norma Rae moment.

I once thought I was the brilliant, brilliant women who coined the term “Norma Rae Moment,” but alas, I was not alone.  Google it and you will find things like:

The Norma Rae Moment

A look back at the Grizzlies’ magical season of heart, grit, and grind.

– Cover story, Memphis Flyer


 Well, Wisconsin, you need your own “Norma Rae Moment.” We are all holding up the “Union” sign and telling people like Rick Scott, Paul LePaige, John Kasik and so many others what they can go do with themselves.

– on a political blog


Kathy Griffins’ Norma Rae Moment

But for me its more a personal affirmation of my beliefs and my ability to stand up proudly in favor of them than a political bent (which is why I enjoy the application of it to a basketball team).

And I have a few tricks to bring one out:

  • Secretariat
  • The Great Debaters
  • Mrs. Miniver
  • Rudy

or any number of movies that make you stand up applaud.

The point is, every once in awhile you need something that makes you stand up and say HELL YEAH.

You need a Norma Rae moment.

So I am watching The Great Debaters and thinking about how I can dare myself to be great.



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