Louise Brooks and 20s Girls (or what I am reading instead of federal regulations)

Thought by some pretty legit film critics to be THE silent movie star, I am simultaneously reading The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty (a fictionalization of her first days in NYC), researching which of her silent films to stalk, and thinking of a couple of my favorite brunettes who would look simply divine with her Buster Brown Bob.  Bathtub gin, anyone?

Which leads me to the most marvie book!  Prior to the Battan march that is the 3-5 days before a big brief is due, I finished, Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin by Marion Meade.  A brilliant social history/multi-writer bio of some of the leading writers of the 20s (with an emphasis on the ladies – Edna Ferber, Dottie Parker (my icon!), Edna St, Vincent Millay and oddly Zelda Fitzgerald, the usual suspects get some play as well – Hemingway, Fitz, Upton Sinclar, and GertrudeStein (more on this from another great read).

                                              Bobbed Hair And Bathtub Gin: Writers Running Wild in the Twenties

Organized by decade, the book is fantastic and gives great treatment to the Ednas (ferber and St. Vin) and a fresh look at Dorothy Parker and Zelda (the prima ballerina who crumped under her DNA.  Perfect for the litterati AND the fashionistas.  Its really a book the gives you the pulse of the 20s lit scene.

Again, please pass the gin. 


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