Traipsing through Target

Sorry reader!  I have been crazy busy with work and before hit a hurricane of a 48 hour stomach flu and have neglected you horribly.  I know, my dear imaginary friend, that you are simply beside yourself.  So before I throw some of Whole Foods’ finest into the oven (dinner!) and cue up Season 4 of House, let me catch you up.

So you know how I take like 7 different prescription medicines for my various ailments, and then a couple more prescription medical supplies?  Any-who, I was at the Target last week before all hell broke loose and one of my scripts was wrong and they had to fix it.  So rather than complain loudly (like I do in my head), I decided to shop and report back a few things.

As you must know, I LOVE Target.  I’m there like 3 times a week and I go to 2-3 different stores for various things.  I’m kind of in a fight with their fashion department.  Their plus sized department, heck their women’s XL department, is cruel and unusual.  My fave fashion blogger, DSS, is always raving about the cutest things at Target.  And I see to find decently made staples and wonder where those super cute coats and sweaters have gone?  (As a shareholder, 0f 10 shares, I DEMAND equal cute options.  Sell it online, no probs, but seriously, your plus sized section = joke).

Also I am kind of a s-n-o-b about beauty products and makeup.  All this, drug store makeup is the same and why spend money on expensive skin care when its no different is wrong.  WRONG.  I recently opened some Ole Henriksen makeup clothes I got as a sample from sephora and my skin smells and feels like fresh melon, when previously neutrogena has left me sticky and medicinal.  (sometimes we make do).  Seriously, in 20 years, these drug store wonders have been right about Maybelline Great Lash, Revlon’s red lipsticks, and Tre seme hair spray (I am the WORST about hair products).  But because the jerks at bumble and bumble discontinued their AWESOME silicone based hair straightener for this just like everyone else blow dry cream, I decided to give a few things a shot.  Some I love, some I hate, and some are waiting for the jury to come back.

Instead of:

Bumble and bumble - Styling Creme


I tried:

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Finishing Paste - 2 oz.Opens in a new window


Instead of:

Bumble and bumble - Straight Blow Dry


I tried:


Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel - 6.8 fl oz.Opens in a new window

Jury’s out, but $27 for something so-so versus $3 for something that dries well has me interested.

Instead of:

Which I love, but cost $30 and lasts 2 weeks

I tried:

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain.Opens in a new window

I’ve gone back for another color and have a third on my list.  I am suspicioning Revlon will discontinue this soon, so I may have to stock up!

Instead of:

Movado 'Small Bold' Metallic Marker Watch


kate spade new york 'waldorf' crystal leather strap watch

Which I am STILL really digging on, but waiting for our anniversary/my birthday/the lottery, I was really psyched about these fun 80s inspired watches.  I only bought one and am considering a few others, but I always regret cheap jewelry (unless its made out of plastic, so most of these make the cut!)

 Xhilaration® Digital Watch - Blue   Xhilaration® Women's Black Slap Watch  Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Adult Watch - Multicolor

Fun geek girl.                           Slap bracelet watch                  Star Wars Lego Watch

A few things just failed.  The Esse polish (the top coat is awesome) was good, but didn’t prevent me from needing a manicure.  The yoga pants didn’t fit.  And most of the rest of the stuff is too boring.  But I got a call from a 612 number, which means, I will be tripping through Target soon.  Probably with a basket of Revlon’s Bitten Lipstain.



3 thoughts on “Traipsing through Target

  1. I love this store and wish one was closer thank goodness I can online and have it come to my door steps…My entire bathroom is decorated from Target for a fraction of what I would have paid elsewhere and the comments I do get lol…it is a fun bathroom… and child friendly…

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