Tripping through Target II

The other day DSS reminded me of the annual high holy pronouncement of great drug store beauty products – the InStyle Best Beauty Buys of the year.  I read InStyle’s Best Beauty list with the same religious fervor as September’s Vogue.  So here are a few more great Target finds I can’t wait to try, along with a few great things for my weekly yoga classes with my besties (and a heart monitor watch for my Saturday zumba class).

BEST 2012

Inexpensive Lip Gloss

Revlon Super Lustrous

For a drugstore brand, this gloss’s overall quality “may very well have come from a high-end line,” says N.Y.C. makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti, who works with Blake Lively. The high-shine formula is available in 14 shades, each with a sheer finish and SPF 15. Always a nice touch, if you ask us.

It looks quite a bit like the Laura Mercier and Nars glosses I favor (not too sticky like MAC lipglass and with some oomf to the color).  Going to try it in an unconventional color I can layer up as I am favoring bold lips and easy eyes this summer.

BEST 2012

Inexpensive Lipstick

Cover Girl Lip Perfection

Never mind the nice price. This silky lipstick has an “opulence about it,” says Marissa Nemes, who has used it on Olivia Munn. A little of this long-lasting formula (in 44 shades) really goes the distance, while conditioners and antioxidants soften and moisturize dry lips in as little as seven days.
I’m not a huge Cover Girl fan, although their basic concealer is a staple for me because it blends beautifully and provides even color for blemishes and brightens tired eyes.  Otherwise, I usually walk past.  But since I am fiending for endless lip colors this summer (and $7 a lipstick = 3-4 colors for the price of my usual brands, I am going to give this a go on a couple of intense colors that I can use sheer.  Normally I would go for Revlon’s classic reds, but red is off my list this summer and I’m curious enough.
                      Shiva Rea Collection: Flow Yoga for Beginners/Radiant Heart Yoga/Yoga Trance Dance (3 Discs).Opens in a new window
Also referred to as vinyasa yoga, flow yoga incorporates rhythmic breathing methods along with careful, fluid movement in order to encourage the ultimate mind-body connection. With the island of Kauai as the backdrop, this workout promotes flexibility and a sense of well-being.   Viewers of all ages and experience levels will be able to benefit from the positive effects of Yoga Dance Trance as host Rea starts off with prana-initiating yogasanas before gradually drifting into a free-form, breath-driven exploration of movement designed to unleash the creative life force and promote physical freedom.
So  I may have to order this DVD, but I think this might be the ticket for those days when I need a good strength/cardio but can’t make it (read: don’t want to go) to the gym or yoga studio.  While I love my more isometric strength building and flexibility challenging  yoga classes, I love to add dance or a sense of movement to my workout.  And if it didn’t work out, the scenery in Kauai along with the usual yoga chat will give me at least three hours of mockery.
                                         Essie in Sugar Daddy
I love essie colors.  Love.  But I have been seriously unimpressed with their coverage and lasting power as compared to OPI and deborah lippman (don’t get me started on Nars or Chanel).  What is so confusing is that essie’s top coat is incredible.  Even the base is good.  But 4 colors, applied by me and my manicurist, Katie, are all quite underwhelming.  Which is such a disappointment, because the colors above are fabtastic.  Wishing I had saved the $32 for the four colors I bought and invested in a bottle of Butter instead.  Anyone want my polish?
                                                                     Gaiam Super Grippy Yoga Gloves - Black.Opens in a new window
I don’t know how popular these will be at the studio, but my hands slide when I am doing the endless repetitions of downward facing dog and planks.  Going to give these a shot.  If they don’t work, I can always glam them up for the Madonna concert in November.
                                     L'Oreal Paris HIP Bright Shadow Duo

L’Oréal HIP

Winner ‘11, ‘10, ‘09, ‘08
Fun, vibrant, exciting—just a few of the words makeup experts use to describe these “impressive for the price” duo shadows. “They give you the ability to play with some really strong colors,” says Pati Dubroff, a Hollywood makeup pro. With 35 long-wear shades in five finishes, there are infinite possibilities to “mix and match,” says L.A. makeup artist Carola Gonzalez, who has used the formulas on Zoë Saldana and Kerry Washington.
I am really overstocked on blush and eye colors thanks to my new obsession with bare escentuals and my not-so-old obsession with YSL and Bobbie Brown (and Smashbox and Laura Mercier).  I do LOVE, however, a really bold and bright shadow when I go out.  And as I haven’t gotten dressed up to go out and be silly with my friends and some crazy bright purple, teal or orange shadow, maybe it’s time to buy a duo and try something crazy.  I can always smudge it softly for a day look . . .
                          Acne Free Gentle Acne Scrub - 4.8 oz.Opens in a new window
This isn’t an InStyle recommendation, but I am a huge fan of the AcneFree lotion (its pretty much generic proactive, which I cannot recommend highly enough and works well with my spa cleanser and random toner of the moment), that I am definitely giving this a try to get rid of the lingering bumps below my cheeks.   It has to be easier than a facial peel, no?
Polder Single Paper Towel Holder - Black.Opens in a new window
I need a couple more paper towel holders as they are excellent for storing and displaying bracelets.  Between the making and the buying, these beauties come in handy (Thanks, Em!!).  They also work for storing paper towels, which I need in about 5 places in the house
Off to Target (actually the gym and then Target).  What else am I missing??

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