Thanks for The Memories Nora

Bindings and Bookmarks

The terribly funny and talented writer/director Nora Ephron died much too early this week. Ephron will be most affectionately remembered for writing the screenplays of iconic chick flicks like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Julie and Julia,”  and “Sleepless In Seattle.” And, as much as I love those movies – and tangentially, HATE the term chick flick. A good movie is a good movie even if it does star Meg Ryan or Amy Adams and gender has nothing to do with it – Here, at Bindings and Bookmarks Nora Ephron will also be remembered for her wonderfully amusing and honest books. In addition to being a successful Hollywood director and screenwriter, Ephron is the author of more than six books. Her first novel (and in my opinion, her greatest work) “Heartburn” is based in part on the dissolution of her own first marriage. A collapsing marriage doesn’t seem suitable for high-level…

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