A Room of One’s Own

It turns out upon reflection that my dream space is not a magical far off place,

ohhhh northern italy.


Langford Reef - Queensland Australia


although these lush hills, secret walks, crashing waves, and foggy streets are so inviting.  But not where I go in the dream in my head.

A hundred million years ago I wrote my entrance exam for my ideal space for my most dearly beloved college (note:  not the college I attended) and it hasn’t changed much since.  A comfortable couch, fresh air, hot tea or coffee, endless good things to read, creative projects in various states of completion,  a fluffy cat or two, and walls and walls of bright and interesting art.  I do not long for simplicity, clean lines, or simple shapes.  Give me color, texture, and enough sensory inspiration to move me to work when I can or read and rest when I cannot.

My house seems to have followed this pattern as I found the perfect spouse who shares my sensibilities.  But I still don’t have that room of my own that is completely and uncompromisingly creative.  The yin to my office and work space.  But here are some pieces I would weave together into my own clean, well-lighted space:

Perfect for reading

Sleeping nook.


DIY Jewelry Wall. genius


Who doesn't want this fairy room?

Who wouldn’t want this cozy room?

This is a greenhouse from old windows, which I'd like as my home.

Especially if it could be set in this…


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