I have to reblog this because it’s just like the picture of myself in my nightgown, jelly shoes, sunglasses, and parasol I keep on my desk. Be yourself. Thanks DSS!!


When we are kids, grown ups always tell us to just “be yourself” whenever facing a new group of people or a new situation. I feel like that message is getting lost these days as kids are starting to be influenced by friends, celebrities and pop culture as younger and younger ages. It has always been the case of little girls wanting to be like their moms, aunts, friends, sisters, movie stars and other role models, but what we need to ensure is that girls and women of all ages hold on to themselves and stay true to who they are. I saw a group of girls at the mall the other day, probably around 14 or 15 years old and they were all dressed the exact same way, with the same haircut and same handbags. Where is the individuality, the uniqueness in each girl that gives people the sense…

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