Ten Things I Love About This Weekend

I finished two major projects this weekend and had an absolutely brilliant weekend.  Julia Child’s onion soup is simmering on the stove and I have a stack of Indie films and a new book sitting on my shelf.  Here are the highlights:

1. Sparkly Clean House:  B and I spent most of Saturday scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, mopping and airing the house out.  The stuffy air-conditioner smell is gone, replaced with light apple air fresheners tucked in corners.  The floors and surfaces in the kitchen are sparkling.  Up next weekend is a little more tidying, organization and some retro-decoration.  Some ideas.

bathroom organizing Bathroom Organization

DIY Jewelry Wall. genius

Jewelry Organization

Magnetic paint for spice containers. Awesome tip from Savannah spice shop

Pantry solution....well, that frees up a drawer right there.Pantry


Retro Kitchen

2.  Yoga – After an almost two week hiatus, I am BACK.  Trying to go every day this week, I had a practice heavy on the hips and twists.

  Twisted Triangle

Even better, I signed up for a thirty day pack.  Keep posted for the pose of the day and how many days I can show up at the mat!

Southtown Yoga - Saint Louis, MO

3.  Hunger Games on DVD!  (enough said).

4.  Pants falling off

Sort of like this, only less cute and more exciting that pants I got 6 months ago won’t stay up.

5.  Carrot Juice Before Yoga, Earl Gray Tea After

6.  My new Pandora charm for my strong girl bracelet

Inner Strength Charm “inner strength”

7. Mad Grocery Shop with B at Whole Foods after cleaning and pasta

8.  Book Shopping and Lunch with my Bestie EB at Pudd’nhead Books


9.   Watching Indie Brit Films Toast and Brighton Rock with B

Toast Poster                  Brighton Rock Poster

10.  My New Books

    The Dovekeepers

Have a Great Week!


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