How exciting!! A plank blog explaining things way better than me!!

Mandee Lee ~ Yoga & Fitness

Ah the plank… how I have grown to love this pose. I, probably like most of you, hated the plank when I began doing Pilates. It was my least favorite part of class and it always made my wrists sore. However, I soon learned that my progress with the plank was the best way for me to gauge my overall improvement. The better I got, the easier everything else became. This is because the plank truly is an excellent strengthening excercise for your core. While concentration on proper form is important for all poses it is extremely important here for the sake of your shoulders and your spine. If you are having trouble or find it impossible to hold your body in a straight line you should keep your knees on the mat until your core becomes stronger.  

A Few Things To Remember:

  • Keep your shoulders over your wrists
  • Your…

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