Yoga Day 5: Triangle (UNMODIFIED!)

Tonight’s practice was a giant fail.  I didn’t have enough blood sugar, I was tired, my shoulders were being stupider than usual and poses that I have been able to open into were slamming their doors shut.  It was as if my day, which was bigger than life was mirrored in my practice and everything felt not only daunting, but embarrassing that I couldn’t get it done.

But then there was trikonasana.  Until tonight, I have used a block instead of putting my hand on the ground, because I just couldn’t open up enough to get the full open twist with my hand on the ground.  But the pose snuck up on me and I sort of shrugged, “whatever,” and my hand hit the ground.  My opposite arm rotated up to the sky and my chest and back ACTUALLY OPENED, while my legs stayed straight strong and active.  After a few seconds, I opened more.  And the same on the other side.

Now that I’ve had a little chicken and Ezekiel bread, some water, I feel great.

And absolutely terrified about tomorrow’s AM inversions class.  Stay tuned.  Headstands are coming.

Trikonasana.  Dig it.


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