Yoga Day Six: Pigeon

Today was my first inversions class (basically upside down poses).  I didn’t start off on the best foot, somehow mixing up the time and arriving 10 minutes late.  In life and in the mat, I am one of those people who likes (needs) to arrive early, set up her space, and get situated.  So this threw me off.  Everyone was in headstands and I almost left, lest I disturb the class.  But it was early and I was up.  I stretched into downward facing dog and tried to warm up.  (More on downward dog later, but I love this picture of the dynamic muscle movements of the pose).


We moved into headstands and while I didn’t even get a leg over my hips, I learned a ton more about positioning my shoulders AND discovered I have a flinch factor while kicking up my second leg to get my first leg over my hip in handstand prep.  I’m going to practice kicking up outside on the grass to get used to falling and see if I can get rid of the flinch AND work on opening my hips up more to get the bent leg closer to my body.

Then we moved into forearm stands.  I spent most of the time in dolphin (Day 2), although I did do baby kicks, trying to head towards scorpion.  I think I’ll be spending months in dolphin 🙂

The final sequence was the most humbling, but also the one where I made a little progress through the patience and modifications of my teacher.  Turns out, I am not even CLOSE to getting into plow, although I seem to recall doing this a couple of years ago.  So I worked my core by holding my legs up and supporting my shoulders on blankets.

Plow is definitely a goal pose for me.  So then we shifted into shoulder stands.  I moved my mat to the wall, put my hips up the wall and walked my legs up.  My hands moved to my sacrum and I was sort-of/kind-of balancing on my shoulders with my legs on the wall.


But I did it!

So you’re wondering why my pose is pigeon?

Because tonight after work I went to the gym (to get my cardio on and work on my shoulders) and I wanted to stretch out my hips.  So I did my FAVORITE pose.  In honor of this day of trying and failing, I picked my favorite pose, in full form, that I hit and held for a lovely long time on both sides.

Ahhhhhh, pigeon.


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