Book Shopping at Pudd’nhead Books and Review of 50 Shades of ________

Heya reader(s)!  So I know I’ve waxed poetically (or at least interestingly) about PHB in Webster Groves, MO (Home of Jonathan Franzen, B and 200,000 tiger lilies) before, but today was yet another example of why B and I are on a personal mission to save out local everything, but particularly, our bookstore.  So today, Pudd’nheads was having a 20% off sale and after about 20 minutes I have a stack!  The owner, who is basically Shadchen (matchmaker) for people and books, helped me find the books for me and weed out those I could wait for or live without.  As I am yoga obsessed, I stuck with a few I ordered, but also got some fabulous new mysteries.  But the real trick is that I know, with absolute certainty, that I will LOVE whatever she tells me to buy and that it will fill my reading needs!  It’s the literary room of requirement.  So if you’re in St. Louis, make sure you stop in and get the book that is meant for you!

Dare Me

I got:

1.  Light on Yoga by Ivengar

2. Poser by Claire Dederer

3. Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn

4. Dare Me by Megan Abbott (mean girl mystery!)

5. Queenpin by Megan Abbott (cool noir)

I’m finishing Beautiful Ruins and starting The Dovekeeper, so I NEED none of these, but I am sure to crack Poser, Dare Me, or Light on Yoga before the night is out.

I’m also starting 11-22-63 on Audio.  I just finished (read: deleted from audible before finishing) Fifty Shades of Gray (Suck) after mocking it for months on facebook WITHOUT actually reading it.  I decided to give it a shot so I could mock it with more information.  This was a stupid plan.  The book has about 50 good pages, most of which are completely stolen from Stephanie Meyer and enhanced with financial rescue fantasies, which the author completely spoils.  I made it pretty far, with work travel, but finally hit the wall today, when I decided I would rather listen to “Now That’s What I Call Music 37″ (a particularly lame edition) than five more minutes of his tampon throwing boring insipidity.  Here’s my review”

My Inner Goddess:  Can we please listen to the Steven King timetravel book or maybe (bouncing up and down) something by Ian McEwan??

My Self-Conscience (don’t get me started, it’s CONSCIENCE): You should finish this audio book.  You used an audible credit and also waste many hours listening to various permutations of holy _____.  (frowns and purses lips).

My Inner Goddess:  You are a lesbian, so this book isn’t sexy to you and the rest isn’t really worth the time and energy mocking.  You should just tell people to check out the tumblr 50 Shades of Suck.

My Self-Conscience: 50 Shades of Suck is some seriously well written literary mocking.  Maybe we should stake out some new territory??

My Inner Goddess: YAY!!

I couldn’t finish it.  ON AUDIO.  I got nothing.  Read the tumblr, skip the book, and mock freely.


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