I’m having a serious fashion moment. Nina Garcia should take note. DSS just selected my yoga-fit fall wardrobe and I am kind of emotional about it because it’s not only my taste and my point of view, but it’s really good for my body. As MK would say, the right girl, in the right dress, with the right hair and jewelry. Excuse me, while I go do more yoga and juice more vegetables. THANK YOU!


My good friend Courtney is a rock star. We have worked together at the same law firm for the past 3 years and found a mutual interest in fashion, Project Runway and designer sample sales. Recently, Courtney has been completely dedicated to the study of yoga and has been working her bum off to get down to a goal weight and I am so so proud of her! As she inches closer and closer to that goal, we are already planning the fabulous shopping trip we will go on to buy her a new wardrobe. It will involve sales people fawning all over us, bring us champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in anticipation of their commission. Lots and lots of shopping bags, so we will have to hire someone to carry them for us. My dog Lola will be along because she loves girls’ shopping days.

Okay, exaggeration for sure…

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