Yoga Day Ten – Bow Pose

The bow and I are having a standoff.  I believe this is a pose I should have in my practice.   And I don’t mean the super elegant, elongated bow, I just mean reaching BOTH hands back and grabbing my feet.

(This woman is not seeking dharma).  I can’t tell if my inability to get this pose is due to legs, shoulders, or back.  I can do a decent bridge, a relatively good straight legged happy baby, and a lot of one arm thigh stretchs.  But I cannot, cannot get into this pose!

This is what I want to do:

And eventually:

But at this point, this is what I CAN do:

Except with only one hand.  And modifying with a strap doesn’t really help because it takes SO LONG to use the strap that by the time I get situated, the pose is over.

I’m hoping to bug B to help me connect with the pose in front of the mirror in our living room so that I can build some muscle memory.  But I see this pose as a gateway to a backbend and other poses I am trying to move closer to.   And I certainly do before my Noah Maze workshop!

Maybe I just need to relax and play with it at home, instead of getting frustrated in class?  Practice, practice, practice!



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