Yoga Day Twelve – Mountain

Last night I was exhausted.  Emotionally fraught.   Out of balance.  I  wanted to roll on my side into a ball and make myself really, really small.  And I almost stayed at home and made myself into a ball for my midget cat to perch on.

Instead I went to yoga, where one of my regular instructors seemed to read my mind.  She threw me a dark chocolate (yum) and talked about how she wanted to play with size.  She commented on how when things are bad, our tendency is to get smaller.

This was a glorious practice, and exactly what I needed, so there were a plethora of poses to choose from, but I am choosing Mountain, or Tadasana, because it is SUCH a great pose to do big.  Open heart, big arms, head thrown back, strong legs.  It fills your lungs with air and is a great break for your legs and shoulders, while allowing them to tingle with energy as you pull your stomach in and scoop you tailbone.

Reaching Up

Open heart

Anjali Mudra

Ta-da. . . . Tadasana!!



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