Yoga Day Twenty-One – Malasana

I think Malasana, or Garland, or Squat, is an underrated pose.  Granted, I’m not a giant fan (read: extremely dislike) rolling back and forth from Malasana into boat into Malasana, mostly because I don’t have the core strength and it involves a lot of pain and flopping.  But I do really enjoy this pose because it reminds me that I can balance well in a low squat, but that baby, I have so, so much work left to do.

I can pretty much get into this position, although I’m betting my heels are up as in crow prep and my hip aren’t quite so low.  I actually really like this bus stop, as one of my teachers says.


But I am nowhere NEAR this.  I can’t even get my arms all the way to the ground, much less my head.  So lots of good work yet to do and the amazing thing is that it is a total lower body and core hold.  Which is probably why getting up was challenging yesterday afternoon.

Indeed, in the pose, all these actions are happening:

      • Draw both inner thighs deeper into the body.
      • Soften and broaden the hip creases.
      • Soften the lower abdomen and move it deeper into the body. Lengthen the upper abdomen forward.
      • Move the inner face of the sacrum back away from the pubic bone and soften the buttocks.
      • Turn the sternum towards the pubic bone.

I’m kind of fascinated by this version of the pose as it feels closer to where I am.

I really need (want) to get some yoga blankets for some at home yoga homework.


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