Since we almost exclusively travel together by car, road trips are a wonderful way for B and me to have adventures, reconnect and explore. Love!

I love green inspiration

A road trip by car can be an excuse. An excuse to spend time with someone you love. An excuse to listen to “your” music and sing at the top of your voice. An excuse, when you are not alone, to look around and do not think about when you are arriving. This is what happened to me and my mom yesterday. We sang “her” favorite Italian songs – like we did when I was a child- without realizing that outside it was raining and it was getting dark while the road was rushing fast…

Un viaggio in macchina può essere una scusa. Una scusa per passare del tempo con una persona a cui vuoi bene. Una scusa per ascoltare la “tua” musica e cantare a squarciagola. Una scusa, quando non sei da sola, per guardarti intorno e non pensare a quando arrivi. E’ quello che è successo a me ieri…

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