My bestie and fellow partner on the mat EB asked me to blog about all of the different ways yoga has made me feel in the last 25 days (and the weeks before I started my bender), which is such a huge topic, I have to break it into pieces, both for thinking and to fully explain how life changing this is (and now a habit as we have made it through the magical 21 day period).

I think it’s going to take me weeks to explain all of the ways it has changed or affected me, my life, my health, my work, my circle of friends and new vision for things.  But the most immediate thing I have noticed in the last 7 days is this CRAZY increase in my metabolism.  I am hungry most of the time, not craving food or feeling the need to eat my feelings, but okay, that juice looks great with the kale and all because I am freaking STARVING.

Some days, I have to have a spoonful of peanut butter in my desk with an apple to get through.  I try to make healthy, balanced, low-glycemic choices to keep my blood sugar stable and eat lots of protein, which helps keep it even.  Lots of vegetables and roughage and as much raw or juiced as I can manage, but I am really not sweating my diet as much as I was because my yogatabolism has kicked in.  Today, for example, I ate my lunch for breakfast and had to wonder out to get Nepalese for lunch before 1200 because I was hungry.  I will assuredly need a substantial snack by 330 or 400 (I cannot eat 2 hours before yoga or ICK) and then salmon, veggies, rice, and probably a little bit of good chocolate.

And if the trend holds, tomorrow my clothes will be a little bit looser.  I don’t know who started the wild rumor that one cannot lose weight doing yoga because it’s not “cardio” because my heart rate surely gets into the 130s and 140s during a mixed level class (or heck, ANY of the basics classes at my home studio).  At the same time, I am building muscle every single class, which is lighting my metabolism on fire.  By analogy, for me, practicing yoga is usually like spending 60 to 75 minutes working with a trainer.  Not just any old trainer, but my old, incredibly talented trainer, who was a genius at burning calories and building muscle.

I understand that people might believe they can’t lose weight or eat more practicing yoga, but to this I say, either change your yoga style.  For me, there may come a time when I need to cross train more outside of my yoga studio, but until this yogatabolism slows down, I’m sticking to what is working.  And apparently, I am not alone!  Live Strong, Shape, Yoga Journal, and so many more sites I cannot list them all agree (google: yoga increases metabolism for more details).

Reason #1 to practice yoga daily.  You can eat more.


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