Yoga Day Twenty-Seven – Plow (take 1)

Friday is inversion day!  It’s an early morning class and a different kind of practice than my usual class, because it’s a set of sequences practiced the same way every week.  It’s like a repetition of five asanas over and over.  Weirdly, the one I am having the hardest time connecting with is plow, or halasana.

As Yoga Journal points out, the easiest way to get into this pose is from shoulder stand.  Yet if I cannot do a shoulder stand, how do I do plow?

What a good question!   I am trying all sorts of things.  Blocks to get my hips up, balancing in an inverted posture to use gravity to pull my hips up, practicing rolling over, and I keep getting close, but it’s both hard and a little scary.

So I am close with momentum, but not there, and further away without.  But I am still playing with it and hoping to get better.

Maybe I will get into plow this year?  Or next?


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