Yoga Day Thirty-Seven: Half Bow

In my very first non-Wii yoga class since law school (where I took precisely three classes), I couldn’t get into half bow, because I couldn’t reach my hand down to grab my foot and stretch my thighs.

Granted, I still have major problems with the full bow pose and do a kind of modified half-bow pose on my knees until my shoulders and back open enough for me to find my feet or just hold it without the connection.

Since that time, this has become such a cheerful pose for me because I remember so clearly how much time my teacher RK had to spend helping me find my foot but pulling my shoulders back.

In many ways, this pose is the base for many others of on my 2012-2013 yoga bucket list – bow, half moon, lord of the dance,etc, etc.

Half Moon

Lord of the Dance



And in other ways, the expression of this pose is a delightful way to slide into the end of practice – quad stretched, bicep pulling up, tricep pulling back, shoulders up, traps down, and back open and bending.  A reminder that while I am exactly where I need to be right now, I have also made some pretty amazing progress since that first day.

I can’t wait to try the graceful, fully extended half bow pose.


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