Life Outside of Law, Ten Months Later

So I am sitting in this café I love, and I just ordered lunch.  I am writing this in what I call my “wee yoga journal” that I just bought 15 minutes before, rather than my laptop (and why I am blogging a day later).

I am sore, and possibly still sweating from warrior vinyasa this morning, have Dare Me by Megan Abbott open in front of me, and am going to a wire and bead crochet jewelry class later.

(DEMO).  As I was walking in, it occurred to me that my blog, which I started ten months ago, is working.

I took today (Wednesday) off because Noah Maze is guest teaching at my home studio, but rather than spending today at home, re-watching Gossip Girl Season 4 (still a totally legit choice), I discovered that a jewelry class I wanted to check out was also set today and signed up.

So today, I have:

  • Practiced:  warrior vinyasa;
  • Caught up:  on last week’s Glee;
  • Shopped:  at Pudd’nhead Books;
  • Finished:  Dare Me;
  • Designed: (and started making) a bracelet;
  • Learned:  a new technique for handling wire and making jewelry;
  • Did:  some dishes;
  • Rediscovered:  some clothes;
  • Practiced:  hand balancing and got months’ work of yoga homework;
  • Sketched:  in wee journal; and
  • Listened:  to music

Talk about life outside of law.


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