Yoga Day Forty – Butterfly (yin)

I am super under the weather and taking a petite break from trying to finish a report.  I am so behind on my daily pose blogs that I am going to catch up quickly with photos and a few notes!

In yin and non yoga circles, the “cobbler’s pose” is known as the butterfly.

In yin, this is a really long hold, with blankets under your knees if necessary and to hold up your torso.  The point is to let the ligaments, tendons, and facie, including that rotten band down your outside thigh open up.  3-5 minutes and inch forward when you can.  Resist the urge to crank your feet in or your knees down and just let it open like a dried flower in water.

This yin class was the ONLY way I could have made yoga after Noah.  I’m STILL sore and creaky (and sick).  But this is on my lineup tonight.


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