Yoga Day Forty-One – Legs Up the Wall (Home)

To say I was still sore by Friday was an understatement.  I had to miss my usual Friday practice (inversions) for court, so I went to the gym to work on flow and inversions.  My knees were a mess from Wednesday, so squats (Malasana) and squat rolls were just out.  I did some dolphin work and a couple of headstands when I realized my hamstrings and hips were just locked.  After some long holds with the strap, I played with legs up the wall.

First totally flat against the wall.

  • Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani):
    Stretches the hamstrings gently, allows blood that has accumulated in the feet and legs to re-circulate in the body. Offers a gentle release for the low back.
    How to:
  • Sit next to a wall and lie onto your back, bringing your knees into your chest. (You can also lie in bed and do this pose!)
  • Straighten your legs and place them on the wall while wiggling your bottom closer to the wall.
  • Allow your heels to rest gently on the wall.
  • Extend the arms overhead for an added stretch.
    TIP: This pose is great for anyone who works on their feet. Spend a few minutes in this pose (you can even do this in bed) each night to give your legs a break.

Then with my sacrum propped on a block.

Then with my legs spread a little, and later as wide as I could drop my legs to really stretch my hips and inner thighs.

with my sacrum still on a block.  And hold for two songs (5 minutes).

All too true!



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