Yoga Day Off (1)

I couldn’t do it.  Yesterday, I just couldn’t practice.  At home, at the studio, with yogaglo, despite it being one of my most favorite nights to practice, my body just balked.

I mean, I went to bed and had about four kinds of cold medicine and some tiger balm – you get the picture – but still.  I cried and felt bad about myself.  I’ll spare you the details.

But in lots of ways, it was okay.  I was clearly Never going to take a day off unless my body forced me to.  I needed the rest and recuperation and I need to cultivate balance.  Secretly imagining a SIX month bender is kind of insane, especially considering the career I have.  So I’m going to keep sequentially numbering poses and comment on my days off.

Maybe I’ll find balance?  Or maybe I can do a six month bender AFTER my trials in December and February.  At this point 2 days off a month sounds rad.


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