Yoga Day Forty-Five – Half Moon Pose (Tantra-Hatha prep)

Last night, mostly due to a series of scheduling complications, I checked out a tantra-hatha class, which was a really interesting mix of strong-strong legs and flowy-flowy arms, and lots of other things that I hope to check out

One of the things we did was get into half moon  (Ardha Chandrasa) pose, by starting with triangle, which we held for five deep breaths,

then down into side angle pose, for three poses, then sliding the hand forward, keeping the forward knee bent and lifting the back leg with the foot parallel to the ground and the arm up to the sky.

The process of scooting the arm forward while lifting the leg and arm sideways and up, as well as the long holds in trikonasana and extended side angle pose really open and anchor the body for half moon.

Add a block to slide easily and it’s an excellent and kind of fun way to get well aligned and strong in the pose.

Check it out!


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