My Shameless Luxury Lust List

Long, Long Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, I decided to go to law school, with mostly the best and most idealistic intentions.  I was going to represent plaintiffs in civil rights cases; work for non-profits fostering trade and microlending in developing nations, while encouraging US corporations to invest in women’s literacy; speak before the UN; volunteer in inner city schools as a mentor; and clerk before the Supreme Court.

And then I did well my first semester, not awesome well like I did thereafter, but well enough to get a job representing plaintiffs in consumer and personal injury cases.  I had recently learned by international law aspirations were ridiculous at a not top-20 law school, which was soul crushing, but also discovered that I wanted to be a trial lawyer anyway and how many Americans practice international trial law.  Not many.  Again, see top-20.  I had applied to all of the non-profits I held most dear and had not heard a thing. So I went to my summer job, late and disheartened after a family tragedy and after three months, I knew three things:

  • I was sure as hell not going to be a plaintiff’s lawyer until I had learned to be an excellent defense lawyer, because it is an insane and often clientless practice;
  • I graded onto law review (no write on  for me, Wash U suckas) and was obviously WAY too smart and talented for this joint; and
  • I needed to get back to school and dominate my classes and extra-curricular activities so that I could make a lot of money because none of this was what I signed up for.

Yeah, I was a lot insane.  But my Mom had just died, my job was a boring mess, and I realized that the only justification for the mountain of debt, was a mountain of stuff.  I no longer feel this way.  I am in many ways far, far closer to my pre-law school ideals than at any earlier point in my career.  I have hobbies (obsessions) outside of work that feed my soul, and so many wonderful friends.  Still, while I know B sometime wishes this were not the case, I still like things.  In fact, I like ridiculous things the most.  I think acknowledging the most luxurious of desires makes us less avaricious and also good at saving (for spending, not investing).  This is my shameless lust list.  Some waiting on the right weight or fit, some waiting on the most special of occasions, and some, pure fantasy.

 1.  Vintage Louis Vuitton Train Case –

Luxury Accessories:Travel/Trunks, Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Toiletries Train Case. ... (Total: 1Items)

Impeccable condition, square edges and old styling.  As far as I can tell, LV stopped making them and I find the jewelry case a sad comparison.

2. Vintage Chanel Clutch (or Bag)

It used to be an Hermes Kelly, but Chanel all the way.  Nina Garcia agrees!

3. Manolo Blahnik “Sedaraby” in d’Orsay Silver and Slingback Black

Pinned Image

4. Jimmy Choo Red Dots

Pinned Image

Yes, I would spend all my money on shoes and bags.

5. Louis Vuitton Alma Epi (black)

Blair Waldorf forever!

6.  Elsa Peretti Diamond Bangle for Tiffany

Elsa Peretti® Diamond Hoop three-row bracelet in sterling silver with diamonds.

7.  Paloma Picasso 9 band bangle for Tiffany

Paloma's Calife bangle in sterling silver, large.

8. Black Movado Watch

Movado 'Small Bold' Metallic Marker Watch

9.  Alexander McQueen Clutch

Pinned Image

10.  Prada Fall 2012 Bags

Pinned Image

I’ll take ALL of them.

So as often happens in blogging, this is my second draft BECAUSE my program shut down half way.  But the interruption was good, because I am really not feeling like luxury forever for any clothes, except maybe a coat that is simply too divine to work for me.  And is often the case, I have an outline to finish and yoga to think about, because this was a LOT of wanting.  What’s in your lust bucket?

PS: My beloved Kate Spade was omitted because between sample sales, savings, and holidays, SHE is almost an essential, though always luxurious.


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