Yoga Day Forty-Eight – One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (Heated)

I tried a new studio last night, in large part because the hours I originally practiced (mostly 730-830) are murder on my life and only really work well if I have to work that late.  Even if I went home in between work and class, I probably wouldn’t see B for more than 2 minutes and would end up driving back and forth, and then not home until 900, which leaves me little time to bond with B, accomplish anything creative or even really eat dinner.  My home studio is set to have new hours once its larger location opens and I am crossing my fingers and toes that some of my favorite instructors will have more conducive times.  I am also crossing all my digits that my massive sleep disturbance ends soon.  I am traditionally a crappy sleeper, but it used to manifest itself in me getting up between 330 and 530 (earlier in winter than summer), and now it’s more like I am in twilight sleep during the middle of the nights and then exhausted from 4 until 7, effectively killing a morning class.  At this point, I think I have used up 5 credits for missed AM classes, just because my sleep is been so unusually poor.  Yes, I take special sleep medicine that also works on preventing migraines, so this is a lot too weird for me.

So I decided to add some heat (which, BTW, I detest) into the mix to help with my sleep, lingering cold, and energy.  (Along with a new obsession with Kombucha tea).  I picked the studio I did because I’m not ready for Bikram (physically, emotionally and especially intellectually) and I am not so sure I am into this power yoga thing.  Maybe I am.  I wanted warm vinyasa with a bridge to hot.  And close to work.  And free is cool too (first 6 classes in 2 weeks are free, which is a very generous new student deal).  Since I am now cross-training at FOUR studios, one likes to keep things reasonable.   The shocking news is that I liked the heat.  A LOT.  I also liked that for the first time outside of a upper body therapeudics workshop, I could get into, hold, and balance One-Legged King Pigeon Pose on both sides.  I also left feeling cleansed.  And cheerful.  And peaceful.   And had a lovely night at home.

Maybe the heat made my quads and hips more bendy.  Maybe the focus on balance (one of my favorite themes in a yoga class) and the many ways it plays out in practicing yoga got me more centered and hugging along the midline.  Maybe breaking down the transitions in a traditional vinyasa made me see where I was strong and gave me confidence.   Whatever happened, my knee cooperated and I was able to hold, shift my hips and knee forward and open my heart.

Someday I’ll catch the foot with two hands.

So I had to buy yoga journal for November, because I could actually do the cover pose.  And I wasn’t much more sweaty than in a moderate vinyasa class with a full house, much less a packed and difficult power vinyasa class or workshop.   I am going to try to have a very, very disciplined November (except for the week of Thanksgiving, when I will be travelling, eating, and yogagloing) and trying to pick one place to practice 5-6 days a week.  Maybe it’s not possible right now, but with a trial in December, not having to think about where and when so much would be a relief.  Maybe I am ready for the 6:00 HARD mixed levels or core vinyasa classes?

Is it wrong to like a studio that has a spa-feel?  And a very diverse client base?  It feels disyogic, but honestly, spare ponytail holders in the LOCKER ROOMS WITH SHOWERS is kind of a huge deal for someone trying to cram the 2 hours of to/from, before/after, and during into a busy life.  Still, it feels kind of commercial and while I’m not sure anyone going all LuLu in her yoga wardrobe should judge my like of the spa yoga, part of me thinks its just a little less real than the small neighborhood studios with amazing connections to other teachers.


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