Yoga Day Off (Two)

I took Sunday off.  Not so much on purpose as I just kind of flowed into missing my first class by sleeping in.  Then my 11:00 class was cancelled and I got a work assignment from 12 until 1.  I am deeply immersed in the Night Circus, so I read until I fell asleep at woke up around 345, which knocked out the next round of classes, at which point I decided to go to Whole Foods and take the day off.

On the one hand, I felt much the worse for it yesterday, and really needed the warm yoga and kombucha energy shot to feel better, but on the other, I had a very creative and very relaxing day – making jewelry, starting to learn other crocheting techniques, watching Enlighten Up and hitting Whole Foods for some much needed healthy and prepared foods.

I need to come up with a strategy for days off – whether it is planning a day or two off a week from yoga (except when on a bender), going until I crash (not the best plan), or taking it day by day.  I am so clearly a person who likes a plan that it seems like a 5 or 6 day strategy (maybe a non-yoga class or workout on the 6th day, with the 7th off?) is what I want.

What I do notice is that the day off helps.  I practice other forms of yoga – breathing, meditation, mindfulness, writing, and studying yoga – on the off day, but I give my shoulders, wrists, hamstrings, hips, and ankles a break.

The question is, with so many classes that I already don’t have time to take, what days would I take off??


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