Yoga Day Fifty-Three: Playing with Camel (Take Two)

Also Camel REALLY works pretty much everything BUT your face (as long as you relax your face), provided you do it right.  If you aren’t locked through the pelvic floor and pushing everything forward as you open and drop to your tucked (and then flat) heels, you might as well do something else.

It’s a lover of a backbend, even though some pressure on your knees, and really spectacular as a circular flow:

This pose will help you make more room for breath as it opens your heart center, helping you embrace any situation as a learning experience and reminding you of the inner strength that resides at your core.
Kneel at the front of your mat, toes flexed beneath you. Firm your lower belly in and up, and lengthen the tailbone. Bring your left hand onto your hip or left heel if you’re more back-bendy. Reach your right arm up, and inhale as you circle it back and down onto the right hip or heel for a shoulder stretch. Lift the left arm on your next inhalation, and circle it around on the exhalation.
Repeat for 3 to 5 rounds, maintaining core support and the length of your spine. End in a full Camel Pose with both hands on the hips or heels, lifting your chest higher from the back of your heart.

For a good counter position, rest in Child’s Pose for 10 breaths, knees together, and wave your hips gently from side to side.

and then

and ta-da!

Big heart flow!  Lovelovelove!




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