Yoga Day Fifty-Five – Three Legged Vinyasa (Warm)

Ok, raise your hands.  Who thinks 90 degrees is warm?

It’s not.  It’s hot.  Except, not as hot as 105 degrees, so why not do some power flow with maybe 20 three-legged vinyasas?

Which if you are wondering, looks like this:

And while I totally want to complain (A LOT), it was a great class.  There were some arm balances and side crow prep that is beyond my edge, but I probably did 15 to 17 of the 3-legged vinyasas (not always on the upward facing dog).  I got into the standing poses, and when the instructor called for an inversion at the end, I backed that mat up to the wall and literally floated up into a headstand.

I just really needed my post yoga chocolate milk to recover!



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