Yoga Day Fifty-Eight: Full Splits (Hanumanasana)

Hanumanasana is one of my five favorite poses in all of yoga.  I love that it’s a strength and a stretch pose and I love that I am very close to the full pose on my right leg (especially with a wall behind me to push my back toes against for leverage).  I love how bendy it makes me feel during and how open and cleansed I feel after.

Full pose

Like all of yoga, it’s a process, both to get into the pose in the first place AND to practice it on a regular basis.  I never get enough, particularly because so many people dislike it, but I’m going to start taking the option when offered in my set sequence classes.

Setting up – blocks help serve as brakes if you are still working it.

Getting the alignment

working those hips open – I’m going to get to this place tomorrow (or close) and then hold it in kind of a yin way to let those hips open more

Ta Da!


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