Yoga Day Fifty-Six: Eagle (Hot)

Despite the lame music and glazed eyes of the subbing instructor running through a set 60 minute hot sequence,  I think I had a few minutes of shakti – the female energy of empowerment or sacred forces that send energy running through your chakras (stopping points or energy depositories along the way,
That or heat stroke. It was kind of hard to tell, but what started as a feeling that I might faint grew and changed into this feeling of strong energy running through my body and up through my head. That or I really was about to faint.  And I stood there, finishing tree and warrior three, thinking I’m going to faint or have a stroke or something.  Unless this is the real deal and I have tapped into my sacred forces.
I decided that as a hot yoga studio, they probably had a plan for when a student fainted (as a lawyer, when I assume, I say they would be complete idiots not to), so I went with it.  And twisted into Eagle.
I was even able to hook the left toe around my right leg, lift the arms and chest, press the arms forward and sit into the pose.  The tingling in my arms moved to my core and straight up my head.  I sat down more.  Pulled in more and held it longer.
As I unwound myself from the pose, I felt energized and less faint, and definitely excited.  It was probably heat stroke, but the possibility of sacred in my physical practice is a dream I dare to dream

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