Yoga Day Fifty-Nine – Twisted Lunge

In my favorite class, there’s a moment when we are holding a twisted chair pose and our instructor tells us to look down at our feet and lift the non twisting side leg back into a high lunge.

from here

to here.

I already have a hard time breathing in a twist, not to mention the difficult work it is to get my shoulders and chest constantly moving into a twist on the exhale and elongating on the inhale.  So this additional challenge of balancing and keeping my hips squared in a twisted lunge is one I often dread.

And sure I could bring the extended knee down, but I don’t want to take that adjustment unless I am exhausted.  But in a kind of AHA! moment today, I discovered if I take a second once I have moved my leg back to really power into my bent knee and push up the back of the thigh, before pulling the top shoulder blade back more in the twist, my balance is easier to maintain.

I still hate twists, but I think they’re pretty good for me!


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