Yoga Day Sixty – Plank Pose

Technically, this is day 63, because I took 3 days off this month.  Two because I was sick and a little injured and a third because I had an early client meeting, followed by a long day and evening, and I opted for a date to watch baseball with B instead of a yogaglo practice.  I haven’t quite figured out what’s up for this next month, although I am sure this month will increase the pace and strength of my physical practice, with power yoga, hot yoga, and yoga combinations (yoga barre/pi-yo), and introduce  ashtanga and more inversions.

But also a constant focus on the fundamentals – Surya A & B – the asanas, the flows between then, the sequencing, and getting better at stepping forward, hopping back, and continuing to think about the elements of each pose.

Like Plank.  An amazing, amazing pose that I used to hate, always find challenging, and can tell is making me stronger.  But it’s a pose with dozens of micro-alignments.

I think my teachers would say she needs to push her legs up a bit, and soften the insides of her shoulders, but she looks amazing, so what do I know?

More length in the legs?


Back to the basics this month!


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