Yoga – Five Days Off

I cannot remember the last time I went five days without practicing yoga.  May?  June?  Because even when I wasn’t bendering, I was definitely practicing 3-4 days a week.  But this week, through the combined forces of major deadlines, work stress, and a now interminable ear infection, I haven’t practiced all week.

It all started with a brief due to the federal court of appeals on Friday, combined with another aspirationally due the same day (which ended up, as these things do, getting filed yesterday).  The followed by about 80 million interruptions for less important projects, conversations, followed by ear pain and pressure that started Tuesday afternoon, became intense Wednesday, and completely unbearable Thursday and Friday.  I’ve been on antibiotics since Thursday afternoon, have tried 4 or 5 homeopathic tips, and still cannot hear AT ALL out of my left ear, which has a lot of pressure and pain even with tylenol, sudafed, mucinex, and warm compresses.  Not to mention the usual feeling bad fogginess.

I’m at my wits end.  Working while feeling like this is very difficult and takes a supreme concentration that leaves me angry and tired and frustrated.  I can’t deny feeling frustrated and a little cornered that I am so busy that I am not only missing those things that keep me healthiest, but also trying to work through pain likely brought on by ear plugs I need to wear to concentrate at work.

So I will try yoga and then work somewhere comforting this afternoon.  I’m sure my frustration is a function of not feeling well.   And hopehopehope it gets better!



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