Catching Up – Madonna, Backbends and BirthdayI Weekend

I’ve been a busy bee the last few days with my birthday weekend.  Starting on Thursday Night (yoga day off!) with the outstanding Madonna concert!  I have been a Madonna fanatic for most of my life since 1986 with True Blue (snuck to me on cassette tape by my Dad) and have been consistent in my love.  (Also, MDNA looovees yoga!  I get that MDNA isn’t everybody’s martini, but for me it’s a great angry breakup album and a fierce new chapter in Madonna’s life!

Friday was my birthday (late thirties).  I worked a bit, I had a great lunch at a local organic gem with my best work pals and a gorgeous wavy blow out before dinner with B at one of our favorite spots (Thai Mahi Mahi with Jasmine Rice at Tavern).

Apparently B reads along from time to time, because she gave me the fantastic yoga bag/purse, Kate Spade Beverly Breeze Small Coal:

and a Heartfelt bead for my Pandora bracelet:

Heartfelt Bead

Lucky Girl!!

On Saturday, I had a two hour backbend workshop with my primary teacher, R and achieved a number of firsts, including what felt like floating up into a wheel!

Pressing against the wall is genius and helps a TON!

I never realized how high you got!!  We rested a bit and then out to dinner with bestie EB and her partner.  YUM!  Locally sourced pasta place.  I had a steak.  Classic!  Lucky girl!

Zen Enamel Purple Bead

My pandora charm bracelet is GoRG now!

So today is fall back, my favorite day of the year!  I did a great yin/yang flow with my primary teacher again and had a great reclining Hero breakthrough (modifications rule!)

Yoga: Reclining hero pose 1Yoga: Reclining hero pose 2

AND I wore my new MDNA shirt!

I’m a Sinner, Girl’s cut (HELLO) and SO cute and comfy!  I don’t even like t-shirts.

AND THEN we went to see Cloud Atlas.

Here’s my review:

1.  I am not smart enough for Cloud Atlas

2.  My friend Moxie will LOVE it

3.  Tom Hanks deserves an Oscar nomination.

Maybe I will read the book, once I finish JK’s New Book,

or listen to it as I just finished the INCREDIBLE When She Woke.

I’m going to catch up on last weeks poses and then start from day 1 again tomorrow, focusing not only on yoga, but eating breakfast (my health goal for the month), jewelry, and more life outside of law!


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