Spring Racing 2012 – Millinery Trends


As Time Goes...Buy

The right hat for Spring Racing is at least as important as the right dress. Millinery trends can change just as fashions and sometimes that is not a good thing! As you know, when it comes to the Spring Racing Carnival, I am more of a classics girl but I thought it would be fun to look at some of the Spring Racing 2012 millinery trends.

We may as well start with what I call Extreme Millinery. You may have to sit down for some of these. I’m not sure how or why someone thought, “Hey, that’s a great hat. I think I’ll pay hundreds of dollars for that little beauty.”

Extreme Millinery: Sometimes, bigger is NOT better! Although I have to confess, I kind of like the one on the top left. That’s probably because it is orange and I have a hard time resisting anything orange. Oh…

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