Lately I Am Loving – Tuesday

My witch powers must be setting off WordPress, because I am having NO luck inserting links or photos. So I’m going to be old school and just write, and hopefully be back in the tech world tomorrow. Lately I am loving:

Pandora radio. I know, welcome to 2003, right? Except I have it on my iPad and LOVE creating stations inspired by my favorite bands. My Florence + the Machine station is my go to for Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Nanci Griffith for a slower practice. Ani for angry. I’m so addicted (and it’s frankly so fiscally smart), I’m thinking about getting it for my car. Would I stop buying music or would I just buy music and have Pandora?


Nashville. The show. At first it was just a way to watch Connie Britton, who shines as Reyna, but now I am genuinely addicted and like Hayden and the supporting cast as much. I’ve downloaded the soundtrack and relish Thursday mornings when I can check out the latest episode on Hulu.


Sparkling water. Perrier, Pellegrino, Whole Foods, or any other brand I can get. In an effort to ditch belly fat, cut caffeine, and drink more water, I have given up all caffinated and diet sodas. This leaves sprite and ginger ale in case I have an upset stomach because I don’t drink loads of either. Instead, I’ve added at least two liters a day of sparkling water, which is just as wonderful as flat water, but often more refreshing and exciting. Yes, it’s a little more spendy, but I don’t need 4 glasses of Pellegrino like I did diet coke. If I want caffeine, I have tea. So far, it’s been three weeks and I love it. The lack of carbonation helps my yoga practice too!


The End of the Affair. Written by Graham Greene and Performed by Colin Firth, this novel is remarkable. The story of a woman lost between two men, a husband and a lover, told from the lover’s point of view. The plot is dramatic, the characters unwittingly and wittingly involved in one of the most common human stories. This book is fascinating in the acute and at times understated manner in which these three character’s psychologies play together to enmesh the hearts of two men and the life of the woman. This is also a spiritual novel, asking questions while at the same time attempting answers. And throughout, there is a strong sense of honesty that one doesn’t find in most romantic novels. ALL of this is enhanced by Firth’s performance reading the book, which is perfect because it provides the dramatic translation that a movie could not. A perfect antidote to my frothy gossip girl read from yesterday.


What are you loving?


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