Lately I am loving – Wednesday

Mostly I was not loving the flu and a hacking cough, while trying to prepare for depositions. But I did love a few things.

Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum. I don’t know if they put fairy dust or angel wings in this, but this plus proactive has evened out and even cleared up my complexion in one week. Even pale as a ghost, my skin was great.

Goodreads. I didn’t set my obsessive reading goal this year, but I love this virtual card catalog. Now that my favorite bookstore has closed, it’s once again my favorite place to find books. And it keeps me pushing my reading in all directions. All too easy to spend 6 months on YA dystopias and chick lit.

Yin yoga. This is not gentle yoga or relaxed yoga, but a non-Hatha practice where one holds poses, with the assistance of props, to make the tendons, ligaments, and fascia do the work. I like to incorporate a day of yin into my practice to keep opening those hips and hamstrings for Ashtanga and inversions, but I love it when I am sick, it really clears things out!

Birch box. Have I said this already? My friend Tabs, patron saint of this blog, gave it to me for Christmas, and its like a beauty Christmas stocking every month. Some of my favorite new products have come from Birch AND its kept me away from random beauty buying at Sephora and Target. Just renewed my membership for a year.

Cardi Uggs. Mine are super-unconventional pink woven cardis, and they are both my favorite bum around shoes in the winter when it’s wet or snowy and my favorite slippers when I am cold! Torn between the more traditional black cardi Uggs, new Tori flats, sunglasses, or not being a total spend thrift!

Pictures coming. Still working on blogging from iPad!



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